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Recent Projects

Bckgrnd Tgthr

April 27 - May 3. This week's project is a lightweight take on the watch-YouTube-together app. I wrote it up in detail here and my version of the code is currently running over on Glitch at good-talk.glitch.me.

Chat with Howard

April 1 - ongoing. A running gag -- An app that lets users "chat" with a fictional chicken. Inspired by Howard Chicken. The app implements the SpeechSynthesis API in modern browsers. It's here.
Also involved: MongoDB, Slack's OAuth process, a home-grown Markov generator, React, and Back To Work.

Stripe payments

March 1 - ongoing. Nothing yet to link to (unless you'd like to send me a random amount through the dev page (don't!)), but I am building a custom Stripe payment/checkout page. The initial project will include a 'catalog' of hourly and weekly consulting blocks and a flat-rate "Pay this amount" opportunity.


~April 20. Recently acquired this software-defined radio gizmo. Paired with an old Raspberry Pi Model B, it's now running FlightAware's plane-spotting software. My page at FlightAware.

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