Pine and Vine

Recent Work, a blog of dog. Gatsby back-end, OwnYourGram as CMS.

Photo Markdowner

A Node-based suite of photo-blogging tools. Quickly create .md files from .pngs and .jpgs; extract EXIF data to create .kml files suitable for Google Maps displays., a series of websites curating state government news. Easily extended to cover additional jurisdictions. Gatsby- and Google-powered.

Howard Chicken

There's a lot going on with Howard Chicken; the Wordpress plugin is the tip of an iceberg... is a personal website (a blog and more) powered by Gatsby. Longer blog posts are mirrored on a Wordpress site,, (confusing, but useful for staying connected to the Wordpress community).

custom email and wordpress

We manage custom email addresses at various domains; the luckiest are, which is also a self-managed Wordpress install. Pork Nachos is hosted at Linode and includes at least a half-dozen smaller projects.

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