This Slack application adds the slash-command /quicknews to your Slack. When a user enters that command, the app will offer a list of possible news sources. Select one to receive the latest headlines. (Once installed, type /quicknews help for a couple of additional shortcuts.)

Add to Slack
A .gif of the bot accepting input

In this .gif the bot is called `/news`. This .gif is old.

Privacy policy

This app collects minimal personal information from Slack (if any). We won't use or share such information in any context.


How about twitter?@easement1. (That's a one. Easement One.) You can read the code yourself, here.

Nota Bene

This splash page is a duplicate of the original project's front-end splash page, which is hosted on a free-tier Heroku instance. Those free projects spin-down during inactivity, including the back-end. Should you actually try to use `/quicknews` as advertised, you might find it slow to start up, after a period of non-use.

Possibly inspired by this bot, a team of novice coders (including myself) later attemtped a more ambitious newsbot. It's not bad, though the splash page leaves something to be desired. Like this bot, it is hosted on a free Heroku instance. Its splash page is here.