puppyrey.online is an experiment in blogging.

Blogging for 'normals'

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Tech-savvy people blog for fun: constantly tinkering with their setup: trying new web-hosts and tools, testing various Content Management Systems (CMSes), fiddling with Wordpress plugins...

'Regular' people don't want to do that. A non-tech-savvy person might reluctantly learn the basics -- logging into a site like Blogger or Wordpress (or something even more lightweight, like Tumblr), and picking up just enough skill on that platform to publish their content.

puppyrey.online is an experiment in blogging without any CMS at all. No admin page, no "add new Post" button, no forms, no "upload photo" headache. Instead, posts on the site are created from my wife's Instagram account. She doesn't want to start or maintain a blog; I don't want to let Facebook control all of her posts about our pup. So I created a website we control, that gets its content from her Instagram posts.

She knows her way around IG; I didn't have to ask her to learn a CMS. A tool developed by the Indieweb community, ownyourgram keeps an eye on her account and pushes any new content it finds to a small server (about which, much more starting here). That server massages the data a bit, and sends it to a Github repo. Changes to the Github repo trigger a new Gatsby.JS build. Gatsby, a static site generator, is also under-the-hood here at pineandvine.com.