We do Wordpress


Maggie takes the wheel...

Some of our Wordpress work has been resolving server-side or hosting issues. These are difficult to share in a portfolio. It's largely a matter of untangling file-permissions and secure Linux environment settings.

Wordpress plugins sometimes mask or manage underlying server headaches in a complicated way. As of late 2018, several recent blog posts here on Pineandvine have looked at a handful of these problems.

Testing with porknachos.com

We have a sort of 'test bed' for front-end Wordpress experiments, at porknachos.com. We're currently testing a couple of different Forms plugins and their related payment-processing features. A simple forms example, to the left. A screenshot of an Apple Pay payment in progress, on the right.

We have live accounts with Stripe and PayPal for testing purposes. (Outside of Wordpress, we've also implemented Stripe's Apple Pay and Google Pay solutions on hand-crafted sites.)


If you've read about Howard Chicken, you might be able to guess that the HC data has also been implemented as a Wordpress plugin, on the administration page. (If you've used Wordpress and are familiar with the built-in "Hello Dolly" plugin from Wordpress's original creator, you'll have some idea of what the Howard Chicken Wordpress plugin does.)