The Professor is here!

A gif of the bot in action, bonestorm!

This app adds two slash-commands, /frinkiac and /morbotron, to your Slack. If you know about and, you can guess what these commands do. If not... well, you'll figure it out.

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Privacy policy

This app collects minimal personal information from Slack. We won't use or share such information in any context.


How about twitter? @easement1. (That's a one. Easement One.) You can read the code yourself, here.

Nota Bene

This splash page is a duplicate of the original project's front-end splash page, which is hosted on a free-tier Heroku instance. Those free projects spin-down during inactivity, including the back-end. Should you actually try to use it as advertised, you might find it slow to start up, after a period of non-use.